La Crosse showtime basketball

The La Crosse Showtime are a franchise of the American Basketball Association (ABA) based in La Crosse, WI with games for the inaugural season to begin in 2017-2018 played in the beautiful scenic city of La Crosse. The Showtime basketball team is owned and operated by its two founders Scott Pooler and Brian Genelin. Their love of basketball and community was the driving force for these two long time friends to bring basketball back to the La Crosse area.

Showtime is dedicated to establishing a diverse basketball fan base, providing exceptional entertainment, and contributing to many community organizations with support and service. Being an active participant in the communities we represent is not just an obligation, but a passion of Showtime Basketball.

We will succeed in our mission by faithfully laboring to put into practice our SHOWTIME core values:

  1. Accountability; to ourselves, families, teammates and our community.

  2. Respect; to ourselves, families, teammates and our community.

  3. Involvement; taking pride in our community by being active participants in solutions to economic and social concerns.

  4. Character; produce an environment that fans. sponsors and communities can be proud of in our actions and attitude daily.

  5. Honor; all those who have served our country, not just in the military, but all state and local services that make our communities strong and safe. The ABA and the La Crosse Showtime salute you!

  6. Cultivate a relationship with the fans, sponsors and communities that will make the ABA and La Crosse Showtime Basketball the most entertaining and affordable sport in the City of La Crosse and the surrounding communities.



Team Facts

Founded: 2016

Owners: Brian Genelin & Scott Pooler

League: The American Basketball Association (ABA)

Colors: Purple-Black-Vegas Gold

Mascot: Slam Trunk

Dancers: ShowStoppers

Arena: Holy Cross Seminary

Home: La Crosse, WI